New To The PSC

  • tls120xe high power tuneable light source (280-1100nm)
    TLS120Xe High Power Tuneable Light Source (280-1100nm)
    The TLS120Xe is a high power tuneable xenon light source that puts monochromatic light at your fingertips.

    This compact solution easily fits into a wide range of applications in spectroscopy and...

  • dead front panels for backlit user interfaces
    Dead Front Panels for Backlit User Interfaces
    Dead Front Panels for Backlit Display and User Interface applications. When backlit, the Dead Front Panel illuminates and draws attention to icons.

    Abrisa Technologies now provides Dead Front Panels for Backlit Display and User Interface...

  • semi-transparent mirrors for hidden displays
    Semi-Transparent Mirrors for Hidden Displays
    Semi-Transparent Mirrors help create hidden smart mirror. Available on low iron or grey glass in sizes up to 126" x 88", available with many custom features.

    Hotels, restaurants, and retail displays are using high performance Semi-Transparent Mirrors,...

  • interference bandpass filters for gas sensors
    Interference Bandpass Filters for Gas Sensors
    Gas Detection Systems use IBF to identify emission of a type of gas. Different gases emit at a specific wavelength which makes it identifiable when using a relevant IBF

    Knight Optical provide a wide range of...

  • knight optical thermal imaging coatings are diamond !
    Knight Optical thermal imaging coatings are Diamond !
    We are very experienced within the Thermal Imaging market, including anti-reflective and diamond-like-carbon coatings used on the optical components in these systems

    Thermal imaging uses infrared materials such as Germanium and Silicon, however in there raw form...

  • mg line of chalcogenide ir glass
    MG Line of Chalcogenide IR Glass
    Chalcogenide glass, blanks and complete parts

    Redwave Glass produces chalcogenide materials as well as providing blanks and complete parts. ...

  • adaptive lenses
    Dynamic Optics manufactures unique multi actuator adaptive lenses for wavefront correction and image focusing.


    Dynamic Optics provides adaptive lenses that can replace...

  • hinalea imaging's model 4100h
    HinaLea Imaging's Model 4100H
    High-Resolution Hyperspectral Imaging Camera

    HinaLea Imaging's Model 4100H is a handheld, high-precision hyperspectral imaging camera with a...

  • knight optical's wafers for substrates for ir cut off filters
    Knight Optical's Wafers for substrates for IR Cut Off Filters
    When it comes to a high-quality IR Cut filter, it is the substrate with the coating applied that affects performance we provide high quality wafers for precisely this!

    Our stock wafers are produced as thin as 500μm and provide exceptional surface quality. However...

  • large waveplates
    Large Waveplates
    Super large zero order waveplates 101.6mm in diameter.

    These largeWaveplates are available with 1/4 and 1/2 wave retardation. You can custom

  • achromatic waveplates – cemented
    Achromatic Waveplates – Cemented
    Achromatic Waveplates – Cemented


    Tower Optical offers this second series of Achromatic Waveplates (AWP’s) which are...

  • waveplates
    Zero Order Waveplates from 10mm to 101.6 mm

    Tower’s  Zero order waveplates provide users with a high performance Crystal Quartz retarder...

  • knight optical’s  deviating penta prisms
    Knight Optical’s Deviating Penta Prisms
    We supply stock & custom deviation penta prisms that cover the VIS & NIR range.

    The penta-prism is a deviation prism which is used in cameras with a movable mirror that bends...

  • diode laser optics
    Diode Laser Optics
    Hitronics provides optics solution for Diode Laser, including SAC, Mirror, Filter, Waveplate, PBC, Focusing Lens, etc.

    Slow  Axis Collimator (SAC)

    lFunction:  slow-axis collimating of laser diode beam


  • lc internal shutter adapter series
    LC internal shutter adapter series
    LC internal shutter adapter series, built-in shutter dust and laser protection

    LC internal shutter adapter series

    The IS Type Duplex/Quad Adapters feature snug-fit...

  • lc push pull connector polarity reversible
    LC push pull connector polarity reversible
    LC push pull connector with polarity reversible function with no jig required, no fiber exposure

    LC push pull connector polarity reversible

    The LC Push-Pull Uniboot Connector by Suncall...


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